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Imposterhood is a website designed to help people identify the way in which they limit themselves through feeling they aren't good enough, and then to move beyond those limitations. 

The Imposter Syndrome plays out in any and all areas of our lives, depending on the degree to which we are affected by it.  We can experience it at work, in our relationships, in our day-to-day lives where we may cling to our comfort zone, in our recreation activities where we may choose to do the same thing each time we have the opportunity instead of doing something different to expand our experiences.  

I have been impacted enormously by the imposter syndrome and the cost has been high.  I want to ensure others have the choice of whether to play safe in order to protect themselves or whether they would like to change the game so they can truly experience who they are.  This site is dedicated to helping people move beyond those self-imposed limitations.

Imposterhood Blog:  Step beyond your limitations

One of the ways in which we increase awareness of the Imposter Syndrome, how we play it out and its impact on our lives is through our Blog.  Using day-to-day examples, Suzanne Mercier highlights aspects of the Imposter Syndrome, giving distinctions from her own observations and seeking distinctions from other peoples experiences of the syndrome.  Check out the blog for some examples.  If you feel like commenting, we'd love to hear from you.

Profile:  Suzanne Mercier

Suzanne Mercier,  Managing Director of Liberate Leadership has more than 25 years experience in creating engagement through purpose and meaning and in addressing what prevents us from becoming authentic leaders in our own lives and work environments.  Her skills include business strategy, marketing, advertising, communication and the development of human potential.

She was the first female Board Director of George Patterson Advertising and a strategy planner for the agency working to create authentic customer engagement for leading brands in banking, food, cosmetics, animal products, beverages, fine china and crystal.   In her prior marketing roles, Suzanne was responsible for the launch of several well-known fast moving consumer goods brands. 

For 15 years, Suzanne has run her own business and for the past 10 years, has focussed on speaking, training, coaching and facilitative consulting to create sustainable and profitable businesses starting with authentic leadership, purpose and meaning.  Her Clients come from a wide variety of industries including Associations, Professional Services, Shopping Centre Management, Financial services, Technology, Manufacturing, Health, Fitness, Cosmetics, Commercial Real Estate, Retail, Publishing and Industry Funds.

She is a thought provoking speaker and a published author. Suzanne's most recent book "Liberate Leadership. How the Imposter Syndrome undermines leadership capability and what to do about it." was launched in August, 2012.

Imposterhood™ provides information and processes designed to help you to step beyond limitations in the hope you move beyond limiting yourself much earlier in your life and career than she did.


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