Imagine how life could be … if you finally realised you’ve had enough of playing small. If you recognised that you are so much more than you think. That you have so much more value to offer than you are able to see.
How would life, your business or your career be then?

Step 1: Figure out if the Imposter Syndrome is real for you.

Step 2: See if you can work out what it’s cost you.

See if you can put your response into something tangible so you can measure or experience your response (relationships, time, money, reputation, opportunities are examples)When you realise you’ve had enough, then it’s time to go on a journey back to you.


My Story

My name is Suzanne Mercier. About 20 years ago, I discovered the Imposter Syndrome, although I didn’t know what it was called at that stage. All I knew was that I seemed to have far less confidence than others, even though my results should have convinced me otherwise.
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I’d like to find out if it’s the Imposter Syndrome holding me back!

Tell me more!

Do you have an Entrepreneurial Success Mindset?

Am I set up for success?

Is the Imposter Syndrome getting in the way of your business success?

I would like to know!

Are you leading yourself and others effectively? Or are you ‘Skirting Leadership’?

Am I Skirting Leadership?

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